Upcoming Offerings - Shaban/Ramadan 2022

Preview screen of course

A free three-part series and e-book presented by Shaikh Ammar AlShukry. 


A comprehensive Live Virtual course that covers everything you need to know about Zakah!  Tuition is pay what you can!
Sessions are available the weekend of March 19th – 20th and the weekend of March 26th – 27th.



This is a 40-day Ramadan mentorship program for attendees desiring guided mentorship, high performance, and accountability throughout Ramadan. Attendees will have access to mentorship, group members, daily reminders, check ins, and other content, in order to help them maximize their efficiency for Ramadan 2022. See the application for tuition details.


Imam Wisam Sharieff presents an intensive course designed to help you transform your relationship and approach to reciting the Qur’an. A great way to reconnect to recitation as we approach Ramadan. This seminar is March 19 and 20th from 11 AM – 3 PM (EDT). Tuition is $150.



Note: The link may still be pointing to last year’s program. If so, please check back for updates closer to the beginning of Ramadan!

Ramadan 360 is a powerful series of daily sessions held throughout the month of Ramadan by AlMaghrib Instructors and scholars. Tuition is free! Please register and join us!

Here is one of the sessions that we held last year: 

Ramadan 360 Day 23: The Story of Suleiman & the Kingdom w/ Sh Ammar AlShukry

This resource is available year-round, and is a complete online learning portal for every Muslim!  35+ Courses, Exclusive Live Sessions, a Telegram community for support and more! Cost varies based on monthly and yearly options – check the link for up to date pricing.